Summer is here! It’s time to update your heating

With the arrival of summer, memories of cold frosty days and high energy bills are fast beginning to fade. But did you know that Spring and Summer are the best times to update or replace your heating system? So, when you’re less reliant on your heating, why not consider how to boost your Winter warmth without boosting your energy bill?

Naturally, you will want to enjoy all the benefits of an efficient and easy-to-control system, but finding one that saves energy too can be a tall order. However, our Digi-Line electric radiators do just that. As each radiator is a sealed system, they can be controlled to only produce heat to the level required and at the time required for each room – thereby offering offer excellent control of energy as each radiator can be used independently.,
But it’s Digi-Line unique energy management features that will bowl you over. Unlike other electric radiators on the market, each model features double heating panels that enable considerably more heat power to be produced. Plus, the panels can even operate separately from each other to ensure the most efficient use of energy and maximum comfort.

In addition, all models incorporate virtual open window sensors that can cleverly sense a draft and switch the radiator off until you close the window; helping stop the wastage of heat and again saving you energy and money. And, if that’s enough to whet your appetite, Digi-Line’s wi-fi hub (TouchE3) not only offers wireless control and direct management of your home heating from wherever you are, it provides data on your energy usage in kWh per radiator and per system on a daily, weekly, monthly and even a yearly basis.

So, whether you’re looking to replace or install electric radiators for the first time, why not check out Digi-Line’s unique energy management features this Spring? Then, when Winter next comes to call, you will be basking in controllable warmth leaving your energy bill worries behind you.

If you’d like more information or help and advice with your heating system, give us a call on 0113 274 6799. Alternatively you can buy our products at these online stores, electric radiator shop or electric radiators online