Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are the new generation of electric heating. They provide the same quality of heat as a traditional central heating system without the heat losses through pipework, without the maintenance and without the upheaval for installation. Electric radiators are 100% efficient at turning energy into heat, making them more efficient than even the very best gas, oil or lpg boilers. They are the perfect replacement for night storage heaters. Unlike night storage heaters you can control the electric radiators to give you the heat that you want, in the areas that you want, at the time that you want.

The Electrorad range of electric radiators all have the very latest thermostat technology – electronic chrono-proportional or PI. These thermostats optimise the energy usage and ensure that only the energy needed to maintain a set room temperature is used. Cheaper mechanical thermostats are only able to maintain a room temperature within 5° C of a set point, meaning a constant overheat and re-heat cycle and unnecessary energy use. Electronic thermostats are able to maintain the room temperature within 0.5° C of the set point meaning much better comfort and much less energy usage. Electronic Chrono-proportional thermostats have gone to the next level and can maintain the room temperature within 0.2° C of the set point meaning even better comfort and economy.

Electric Radiators, as the name suggests, provide radiant heat as well as convection heat. Radiant heat heats people and objects directly, while convection heat will heat the air in the room. Radiant heat provides a greater feeling of warmth. It can be likened to standing in the sun on a spring day feeling lovely and warm but when a cloud covers the sun and creates shade, you feel a bit chilly. The air temperature hasn’t changed, just the radiant heat has been lost. This greater perception of warmth in a property can lead to turning down the thermostat which in turn will save energy and save money. Our radiators are carbon neutral at point of use and allied with micro-generation or renewable energy sources providing electricity to the grid then an electric heating system is completely carbon neutral.
Electric heating is the only heating method that can become carbon zero.

Our Range of Electric Radiators :

Digi-line Radiators

digiline electric radiators

Vanguard Radiators

vanguard electric radiators

Aeroflow Radiators

aeroflow electric radiators

Electric Towel Radiators

Towel Rail CHROME LR

Electrorad radiators are manufactured to the very highest quality standards with guarantees of up to 30 years. We have Thermo-Dynamic fluid filled radiators and also Dynamic storage radiators. Both can be used as independent radiators or as part of a complete electric central heating system. Electrorad have been exclusively offering these electric heating systems and electric radiators for over 20 years in the U.K. Contact Us for a quote today on : 0113 2746799 or email sales @ electrorad.co.uk