Traditionally it has been considered that electric heating has a high carbon impact due to the UK electricity being produced in fossil fuel burning power stations.

This has changed and is changing!

With the marked increase in wind and solar generation, the carbon content of electricity in the national grid has fallen considerably.

This is set to be reflected in the new edition of SAP ( The government Standard Assessment Procedure for energy efficiency of dwellings )

SAP 2016 although not finalised is set to show a 23% reduction in carbon emissions from electric heating when compared to the previous edition ( SAP 2012 )

This is a substantial and remarkable change which will make it far easier for electric radiators to be specified for new dwellings and to meet the carbon emissions targets.

In early June 2017, for the first time ever more than 50% of the UK’s electricity was produced by renewable sources. If we add in Nuclear power, then over 72% of the UK’s electricity was being produced without fossil fuels.

In the near future, Electric heating is set to become the domestic heating with the lowest carbon impact.

The future’s bright – The future’s electric