Are Aeroflow German electric radiators a good choice?

Here are some frequently asked questions :

Q. Are Aeroflow radiators the same as some other German made electric radiators I have seen?

A. They are very similar to our competitors on the market, but not the same. There are quite a number of manufacturers in Germany producing very similar products but of course some are better quality than others. Aeroflow is a registered trade mark and is an exclusive product to Electrorad U.K. Ltd.

Q. How does Aeroflow differ from the other German radiators on the market?

A. Aeroflow has larger convection flutes creating much greater heat convection in to the room. This warms the room more effectively. Aeroflow has the longest warranty on the market – 30 years.  Aeroflow radiators have digital electronic thermostats and programming systems built in to each radiator along with open window sensing and adaptive start learning function. Optionally they can be controlled by App from any Apple or Android device by purchasing the WiFi gateway. 

Q. Which company manufactures Aeroflow Radiators?

A. They are manufactured by Thermotec GmbH in Germany. Electrorad U.K. Ltd have the sole U.K. rights to sell Thermotec products in the U.K. and have exclusively done so since 2007  

Q. What are the running costs and energy usage?

A. All the similar products on the market have the same running cost and energy usage (Despite what some salesmen may tell you). Please see our blog on running costs, which may help.

Q. What is the efficiency and economy of the radiators?

They are 100% efficient. This means that all of the electrical input is converted to heat output with no losses.

Q. How much are they?

A. Please see our PRICES page for model prices and how to order.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my radiator after ordering?

A. All models are kept in stock and can be supplied on next day delivery or on a day convenient for you.

Q. Do you install the products?

A. No we supply only, but installation is a simple DIY operation. If you are replacing storage heaters or would like the heaters wired in to fused spurs you will need an electrician. You can use any qualified and registered electrician or one of our approved contractors. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Yes we have a showroom at our head office in Leeds and some of our resellers have them on display at their locations. Please see the contact us page for more details.

Q. How do I get a brochure?

A. Give us a call on 0113 2746799 or e.mail info @ and we will post a brochure to you or you can download it from our catalogue page

Q. I would rather speak to someone rather than read through the website, can I do this?

A. Yes of course, we look forward to your call and answering all your questions. Our number is 0113 2746799

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