All Aeroflow radiators can now be controlled by app via any Android or Apple device.


To use Aeroflow radiators with our App you will need to purchase a WiFi gateway which plugs into your internet router. This will communicate by radio signals with all the radiators in the system and allow you to control individual room temperatures and individual room programming from the Aeroflow app.



All Aeroflow radiators are WiFi ready.

The built in controls have a radio chip and antenna ready to communicate with our optional WiFi gateway.

The App is a free download from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Times and temperatures can then be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The App will tell you the current ambient temperature of each room in the property.

This is the Wifi gateway that enables app control. You will need one of these per property. It comes with an ethernet cable to connect to your existing internet router and also comes with a 3 pin plug for mains power.

Once set up, this gateway will communicate with the radiator thermostats and your app which is a free download from Apple app store or google play.

From the App you can set all your heating programming and temperatures for each individual room. This can be done from in the property and also away from the property from anywhere in the world.