Why Choose Vanguard Radiators

Vanguard electric radiators are lightweight, ultra modern looking radiators and a great addition to our electric heating range.

They are constructed from Aluminium for rapid heat up and lightness.

They have a mica coated ceramic core to produce a very even heat transfer to the radiator surface area and great heat retention.

The Electrorad vanguard range is a continental style aluminium electric radiator providing very modern looks. The radiators are 100% efficient at turning energy input into heat output.

The built in digital electronic room thermostat will maintain your room temperature very accurately and also includes a timing system to allow each radiator to be on only when required.

Vanguard electric radiators are available in three different heat outputs – 600 watts, 1200 watts and 1800 watts.

The 600 watts radiator will typically be the right size for toilets, halls and bathrooms.

The 1200 watts radiator will typically be the right size for bedrooms, dining rooms etc The 1800 watts radiator will typically be the right size for living rooms and large master bedrooms.

If you’re in any doubt about sizing please give us a call or you could use our calculator which is on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

The programmer is conveniently located at the top of the radiator so as to not spoil the good looks and so you can program the radiator without getting on your knees.

There are 9 factory pre-set programs to suit many lifestyles and a user definable program option.

The thermostat has proportional integral technology and triac switching for absolutely silent operation and extremely accurate room temperature control.

The programmer has a back light for easy reading of the screen and a locking function for when you don’t want the settings to be tampered with. The design of the radiator means it is very efficient at warming the room and the people in the room.

The heat transferred to the surface area creates radiant heat which directly heats people and objects, like the rays of the sun.

The colder air from the floor is drawn up and channelled through the fins of the radiator creating convection heat to heat the air in the room. The element is sealed away meaning there are no burning dust smells and no brown marks will appear on the walls like with panel heaters.

**NEW** WiFi control kit now available for Vanguard radiators. Please click below for more information:

WiFi Kit




Heating App

Prices and Specifications:

  • 600 watts 575mm (H) x 500mm (L) x 80mm (D) – £239 inc VAT
  • 1200 watts 575mm (H) x 750mm (L) x 80mm (D) – £299 inc VAT
  • 1800 watts 575mm (H) x 1050mm (L) x 80mm (D) – £359 inc VAT

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