Electric Heating


Heating is one aspect of the electricity bill which often costs the most and without the right radiators and electric heating system in place reducing your bills is almost impossible. The newer and improved systems can help you cut your costs because they are much more energy efficient. Electric Heating allows you the most control, especially with digital radiators which give you much more power over the temperature in each individual room of your home.

Being one of the most costly aspects of our electricity bills here at Electrorad we have created wonderful variety of products that are not just able to provide you with high quality heat around your home but also provide you with a most cost effective solution. Electric heating systems have the ability to provide you with everything you are searching for when it comes to your heating and through our ranges of great quality electric radiators you and your home are presented with a striking style and design of radiator that can beautifully accompany any design or colour of decor.


Electric Heating Systems

Electrorad UK Ltd. is a leading electric heating company that has cherry-picked the best international electric heating products and brought them into the UK market. Electrorad occupies the unique position of being the sole UK supplier of the heating systems shown on this website. Based in Leeds, Electrorad has been working over the last 10 years to ensure that the most effective and efficient products are available to the British public.

We can offer you the most suitable solution for all of your needs and desire. Offering many years of experience within the industry, expert members of staff and stocking only the finest selections of electric radiators and heating solutions we ensure that you can find the perfect items for your needs and receive one of the most professional and friendly services now available on the market. Our aim is to present you with the best solutions, providing you with the ideal style and design and lower electricity bills.







iconOur range of electric radiators at a glance


German Manufactured Aeroflow part storage electric radiators provide heating exactly where you want at exactly the times you want. With these German electric heating systems there is no more trying to predict the weather with old fashioned night storage heaters.



Vanguard radiators are lightweight, ultra modern looking electric radiators and a great addition to our heating range. Constructed from Aluminium for rapid heat up and lightness and filled with a thermal fluid to produce a very even heat transfer to the radiator surface area.


Digi-Line top product2

The Digi-line electric radiator range – MADE IN BRITAIN using the very latest electronics and components. Looks and heats like a regular central heating radiator but with a modern feel and state of the art electronics to ensure ultimate control and minimum energy usage.


iconElectric Heating Controls

Electrorad supply an extensive range of heating controls. These controls are suitable for all our heating system and electric radiators. Radio frequency and fixed solutions are available..
  • State of the art controls
  • Wireless room thermostats
  • Ultra modern design




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