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When choosing electric radiators you are usually faced with a choice of the older style typically available from DIY outlets, which are on wheels, with trailing cables and are intended for occasional use only. But if you’re looking for a permanent solution you will want to look for wall mounted versions. Wall mounted electric radiators are intended for permanent use as the primary heating system and can be in place for many years.

You may want the wall mounted radiators to replace existing night storage heaters to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing heating system which is far more controllable and provides much greater comfort. Another good reason for choosing wall mounted electric radiators is when looking to heat a conservatory or extension. Maybe the boiler cannot handle running another radiator on the system, or the upheaval and mess when running new pipes is not desirable. This is when an electric radiator would heat the area more efficiently and with less disturbance to your home.

So, you have a choice – do you want an occasional use electric radiator which is movable or do you want a permanent heating solution? If it’s a permanent solution you’re after then wall mounted electric radiators are the perfect choice.

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