State of the Art Electric Central Heating Control


Now available from Electrorad, this new control uses touch screen technology and allows absolute control over your central electric heating system. The central touch screen unit is wall mounted in a place of your choice and will control every radiator in the property.Ā Each room can be named and each room can be given a different heating profile. This means that from one central point, each room can be controlled independently for both time and temperature. Suitable for use with DIGI-LINE radiators and AEROFLOW radiators.


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For use with the DIGI-LINE range, the internal thermostats on the radiators are set to maximum and sleep mode used so the radiator thermostat does not give a reading. Each radiator is then wired to a relay which communicates wirelessly with a room thermostat. The room thermostat communicates wirelessly with the central touch screen control which will tell you the current temperature in that room, your time and temperature profile and the current set point.


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For use with the Aeroflow range, the thermostat on the radiator should be set to maximum so the wireless room thermostat can be used,Ā or for special order ( larger orders only ) the radiatorsĀ can be ordered without thermostats.


The wireless room thermostat is wall mounted and can be adjusted manually from within the room or remotely from the touch screen panel. The thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2 Deg C.

The thermostat communicates via wireless with the relay which is wired to the electric radiators to tell it when to turn on or off. The thermostat also receives signals from the main touch panel and sends room temperatureĀ information to the central panel.


Very modern design and total control ofĀ theĀ electric heating systemĀ at your fingertips.

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