Replacing Storage Heaters

The most common reason for purchasing Electrorad electric radiators is to replace Night Storage Heaters. The Electrorad electric radiators provide absolute controllability of room temperature and operation times. There is no longer a need to try and predict the weather and be too warm in the mornings and too cold in the evenings as is the case with Storage Heaters. Both of the Electrorad ranges – Aeroflow and Digi-Line are suitable as Night Storage heater replacements.

The existing wiring for the Night Storage heaters can be used and the new radiators wired in to the existing fused spur points. The supply to the fuseboard then needs changing to receive standard tariff electricity instead of receiving electricity from the Economy 7 meter ( your electrician can do this ). The whole job will take less than a day and will leave you with a modern, fully controllable electric central heating system. For more information please contact us today.

See our range of storage heater replacements below :