German Electric Heating Suppliers

We all expect products that are made in Germany to be of high build quality and offer efficiency and reliability. It’s certainly no different with the German electric heating offered by Electrorad

Aeroflow electric radiators are made in Saxony, Germany and have been exclusively imported to the U.K. by Electrorad since 2005.

So, what’s different about German electric heating?

Unlike most electric radiators on the market which tend to be oil filled, they have a fireclay core to transfer the heat from the elements to the radiant surface of the radiator. The electric elements are fully embedded in the fireclay heat plates so all the heat generated by the elements is first captured by the fireclay before being transferred to the radiator. Fireclay is a fantastic heat retention material.

Because there are no fluids inside, we can of course guarantee that there can never be any leaks.

The radiator body completely encompasses the fireclay plates and the elements, its body is made of galvanised steel and is powder coated in RAL9010 white. Because the steel is galvanised, it will never rust. All the radiators kept in stock are “radiator” white, but other colours can be ordered (extra charges apply), we just need the RAL number.

The electronic controls on our German radiators is also state of the art. Room temperature is controlled within +/- 0.2ºC by the built in thermostat and the programming function allows you to set exactly what room temperature you would like and at what time.

Some people think that a built in thermostat won’t be accurate with it being on the heater, but this is far from the truth. The room temperature sensor is underneath the radiator where the air is the coldest air in the room and where there is no heat being emitted from the radiator. Sensing the air at low level like this means the room is warm from the ceiling right down to the floor. This is much better than a traditional wall thermostat that senses the air at around shoulder height.

The Aeroflow electric radiators are Eco-design Lot 20 compliant in line with the latest European energy saving regulations. In order to comply they have energy saving features built in to the controls:

  1.  Open window sensing which senses when a window is opened and stops the radiator generating heat
  2.  Adaptive Start which learns the room heat up characteristics and turns the radiator on at the right moment for the room to be the right temperature at the right time
  3.  Radio link to communicate with the optional WiFi gateway which then allows control by app from a smartphone or tablet.

These German electric radiators can also be voice controlled by linking them to an Amazon Alexa device.

What about product guarantees?

Due to the outstanding build quality of these products, the manufacturer provides a 30 year warranty on the radiator body, the heat plates, electric elements and thermal switches. The thermostat electronics are guaranteed for 2 years. The radiators are designed to make it easy to change the electronics should it be needed. They are user replaceable and at a small cost when outside of the warranty period.