Diverse Range of Market-Leading Electric Radiators


Electrorad offers a comprehensive range of high-quality electric radiators renowned for their reliability and high performance. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are dedicated to helping our electrical wholesale partners provide the best customer experience with an efficient and responsive product supply.

Our customer-led approach means wholesalers can maintain optimal stock of our electric radiators, adjusting quickly to changes in demand without the risk of overstocking or supply shortages.

Our Wide Range of Electric Radiators

Our electric radiators range meets the varied needs of electrical wholesalers and their diverse customers. This diversity allows you to streamline your inventory management, supplying an array of products with reliable delivery from Electrorad.

Browse our Aeroflow, Vanguard, Digiline and Smartpanel models below.

Digiline Radiators

digiline electric radiators

Vanguard Radiators

vanguard electric radiators

Aeroflow Radiators

aeroflow electric radiators

Smartpanel Radiators


Thermastore Radiators

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Electric Towel Radiators

Towel Rail CHROME LR

The Cost of Inefficient Inventory to Your Business

Managing your inventory effectively is central to your success and customer satisfaction in electrical wholesale. Overstocking and understocking can impact efficiency, with overstocking tying up valuable capital in excess inventory and taking up warehouse space, and understocking leading to missed sales opportunities and damaged customer relationships.

To provide customers with the best service, you must also cater to a broad spectrum of customer requirements, from different models and sizes of electric radiators to varying technical specifications suited for different applications. These diverse requirements demand a delicate balance in stock levels and access to a wide range of high-quality models.

How We Help Wholesalers Manage Stock & Inventory Better

Our friendly team of experts work closely with electrical wholesale partners to align their electric radiator supply with market demand. Our approach is designed to help you manage stock efficiently and effectively.


Reliable Supply Chain

We were the first UK importer of German electric heating products in the form of Aeroflow electric radiators. Since then, we have maintained a close relationship and are the only UK supplier of their products, as well as our own British-made models.

This allows us to keep a large stock and efficiently deliver these products to our electrical wholesale customers, with next-day delivery available when required.


Diverse Product Range

We have a diverse range of electric radiators on offer in various sizes and designs. Each model in our range boasts cutting-edge heating technology and user-friendly features. In hand-picking this diverse range, we can cater to a wide variety of heating needs and preferences.

Our continuous market research and product development efforts ensure that our offerings remain aligned with the latest trends and customer expectations, helping you stay competitive in a fast-evolving market.


Dependable Customer Support

We ensure clear and consistent communication between our team and yours to aid in your effective inventory management. With our customer-first approach and responsive support, we’ll be on hand to adjust your supply of our products when required.

Stay in touch with our team to learn about new product launches and ensure you are always equipped with the latest information to manage your inventory effectively.


Helpful Product Information

Our website is full of helpful information about each of the electric radiators in our range – including user guides and FAQs – and our team are only a phone call away. By providing these helpful resources on the features and specifications of our products, we help our wholesale partners understand which products are most suitable for their client base.

In this way, you’ll be able to manage your stock more effectively by prioritising your most in-demand products.



The Diverse Features of Our Product Range

Our easy-to-install electric heaters and radiators are thoughtfully designed to combine innovative electric heating technology with superior functionality and aesthetic versatility. This approach ensures that electrical wholesalers can meet the specific demands of various markets, from residential to commercial spaces, without the complexity of managing excessive inventory variations.

Below are just some of the features that make our electric radiators a standout option for your customers:

Precision Temperature Control:
All models come with built-in digital electronic room thermostats, offering a high degree of accuracy to within +/- 0.2°C. This precise control helps maintain consistent room temperatures and reduces energy waste.

Smart Connectivity:
All models feature advanced controls, and some have Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for easy integration within homes.

Design Flexibility:
Electrorad radiators are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different décor preferences and installation needs, including wall-mounted/wall-hanging, free-standing options or panel radiators. This provides adaptability for both residential and commercial spaces.

Adaptive Start Technology:
Our models are equipped with an adaptive start feature, which learns the heat-up characteristics of a room to optimise energy usage and ensure the space is heated right when needed.

Regulation Compliant:
All of our electric radiators and heaters comply with the latest UK and EU regulatory requirements, assuring you that every Electrorad radiator you stock will be manufactured to the highest standards.

How Our Customers Feel

Providing first-rate customer service is one of our priorities at Electrorad, as well as ensuring a diverse and reliable supply of the best electric radiators on the market. Below is just some of the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers:


“Competitively priced products from an experienced and very professional company. Having used the radiators for a few months I am very happy with their reliability and efficiency. Being able to operate them via a phone app is a great feature.”


“Absolutely excellent customer service explained all different models available . Also after sales service again excellent with help from Julie. Would highly recommend to anyone.”


“Good product, excellent sales staff and good after sales response.”


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Partner With Our Efficient, Reliable Team

Our electric radiators and heaters are engineered to meet the diverse needs of your customers without complicating your inventory management. With features like precision temperature control, smart connectivity and adaptive start technology, our radiators are designed to offer superior functionality and compliance with the latest regulations. This ensures that you can provide a range of high-quality, efficient heating solutions to your customers with confidence.

Contact our team today to find out more about stocking our products or to arrange a visit to our Leeds showroom. Contact us on 0113 274 6799, email us at sales@electrorad.co.uk or fill in our self-survey form.