Electric Boilers



Our electric boilers are fully featured central heating boilers with a 100% efficiency rating. Suitable for replacing oil or LPG boilers while retaining the existing radiators and pipework. These boilers are flueless, so can be fitted anywhere in the property

The Electrorad boiler is a 100% energy efficient,intelligent modulating electric boiler, combining proven commercial technology in a unique design to bring the consumer one of the most up to date and efficient electric boilers on the market. The boilers can heat an indirect hot water cylinder and a wet central electric heating system, be it radiators, under floor or a mixture of both with all the ease and controllability of a gas or oil boiler. The boilers are available with a choice of 2 heating control packages, Electronic (E) or Electro-Mechanical (M). E versions boilers are supplied with a fully integrated outside temperature sensor. This intelligent device consistently monitors the outside temperature – the resulting information being constantly relayed to the unique in-built heating curve software. The advantage is that this can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. E version boilers supplied for connection to hot water cylinders are also supplied with a cylinder temperature sensor that relays the temperature information back to the boiler. M version boilers are supplied without the heating curve software and do not have an integrated outside temperature sensor. Boiler operation is via standard boiler control principles with the temperature and heating controlled by room and cylinder thermostats.

The Electrorad range of stylish electric compact boilers have a multitude of features that will benefit the developer, builder and installer, one such benefit where flue arrangements from a gas or oil boiler are difficult, or impossible to site, or where gas is not available, the Electrorad boiler in these circumstances offers a cost effective solution to these problems. Electric boilers do not require an annual safety certificate.
Power surges are eliminated in all boilers by a two or three stage soft start. All Electrorad boilers are available with power outputs of 4.8, 6.0, 7.2, 10.8 and 14.4kW for connection to a single-phase 240-volt supply – Electrorad boilers can be connected in parallel thus increasing total output. Electrorad boilers are almost silent in operation, carry a three year guarantee and require minimal maintenance.



No annual safety check

No flue system or fans required

No need for bulk oil storage tanks and the associated maintenance

All electric elements are bottom entry to heat exchanger thus ensuring they are always in water
2 or 3 stage soft start feature ensures no power surges

Suitable for use on open vented or sealed heating systems.

Three year guarantee

Minimal maintenance and service cost

Compact system boiler quick and easy to install

Suitable for use with a wet radiator system, under floor heating or a mixture of both

Almost silent operation

E – version boilers are supplied with heat curve software to reduce energy usage
M – version boilers are supplied to operate with standard central heating controls

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