Frequently Asked Questions about Digi-Line radiators


Q. What controls are available for the radiators?

A. They have very accurate electronic room thermostats built in with 24/7 programming. Radio frequency receivers are also built in to receive programming signals from the optional central control. The thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.1 deg C.

Q. Does the thermostat being on the radiator affect the temperature sensing?

A. No, the sensor is below the radiator where the colder air is being drawn in from the floor to be heated. The radiator is not emitting any heat at the bottom of the radiator so this does not affect the sensor either.

Q. What are the running costs of the radiator?

A. Like all electric radiators, the efficiency of conversion of energy input to heat output is 100%. The running costs will depend on the heat loss from your room / property and your price per electrical unit from your electric supplier. For more info have a look at this running cost blog.

Q. Do they really look just like gas central heating radiators?

A. Yes, in fact we use the same steel bodies and convert them to electric using electrical resistance elements, filling them with oil and installing state of the art electronics.

Q. What is the warranty length?

A. The radiator body, coating and element seal are guaranteed for 10 years. The electrical and electronic components are guaranteed for 2 years.

Q. Is the radiator painted or powder coated?

A. It’s powder coated

Q. What are they filled with?

A. Environmentally friendly oil. The oil transfers the heat from the elements to the whole radiant surface area using natural convection of the fluid.

Q. Does the type of fluid the radiator is filled with effect the efficiency?

No. The electric elements produce the heat, the fluid only transfers the heat to the radiant surface. No matter what fluid or other materials are used internally, the efficiency and running costs remain the same.

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