3 reasons why electric radiators are the perfect replacement for storage heaters

If you’re looking to upgrade your night storage heaters to a system that’s better looking with more control and comfort, then instant acting electric radiators offer the perfect solution. Here’s why:


  1. Increased controllability: No more guessing the weather. Say goodbye to being too warm in the mornings and too cold in the evenings, electric radiators offer a wide range of control options to suit your lifestyle and budget. From a simple analogue thermostat – a dial control on the radiator that controls the room temperature – to a digital electronic thermostat with 24 hour 7 day programming, and even Wifi/App control options; there are multiple models to choose from. For the ultimate in control, inbuilt digital electronic thermostats offer accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. Some also feature built in radio frequency receivers for whole house control and can offer control via Wi-Fi, enabling separate control of each radiator from wherever you are, via a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  2. Good looks: No more bulky heaters that burn dust and leave hideous brown marks on walls, electric radiators look more like traditional gas central heating radiators than ever before and provide the same quality and type of heating. There’s a wealth of sizes and designs available to suit every room. You can even colour match selected radiators to blend with your décor. They are also perfect for extensions, and with 300mm height models available, they are ideal for conservatory dwarf walls and even lofts.

  3. Efficiency: Unlike storage heaters, electric radiators use only the heat and energy required, so there are no losses to pay for whatsoever. They also offer excellent control of energy as each radiator can be used independently and they aren’t reliant on receiving hot water from a central boiler. Each radiator is a sealed system and can be controlled to only produce heat to the level required and at the time required for its own room.

Not only is the heat produced instantly, it warms the room very quickly and, unlike the convected heat produced by storage/panel heaters, it provides radiant heat to warm you directly, while the natural convection heats the air in the room – giving you the best of both!

For the latest in electric radiators, check out our Digi-Line radiator range. Not only can you enjoy all the benefits of an efficient and easy-to-control alternative to night storage heaters, you can match your heating to your lifestyle, thanks to Touch E3 – our new control hub with Wi-Fi and App. You may even be able to reduce your heating bill too.

If you need help choosing which system is best for you, give us a call on +44 113 274 6799. Whilst it only takes one day to switch from storage heaters and install electric radiators, don’t leave it until Winter to change your heating.