With the recent volatility in the electricity market, it really pays to research ways to keep costs of heating your home and business down.

The Thermastore High heat retention storage heaters have the lowest running costs of all electric heater types. 27% cheaper to run than old storage heaters and 40% cheaper to run than Electric Radiators

The Thermastore units have the ability to allocate two separate charge periods for each day so can be used with both Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs

Charging at the cheapest times and then releasing the heat when required will allow you to maximise your comfort, whilst minimising your heating costs.

HHR Storage Heaters

The Thermastores Ace up it’s sleeve is that it can store at least 50% of the generated energy over 16 hours. Unlike old storage heaters, there is full control over room temperatures and programming. No more days of being too warm in the mornings and too cool in the evenings, the Thermastore HHR will always have your room at exactly the temperature you want at whatever time you want while still using the cheap rate electricity overnight.

Recognised on the government SAP database, fitting the Thermastore HHR in place of existing older storage heaters, electric radiators or panel heaters can result in a significant improvement in you home’s EPC rating.

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