High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Thermastore HHR – A quantum leap in storage heater design

High heat Retention storage heaters ( HHR ) are the new generation of storage heater.

Older type storage heaters used to ‘leak’ heat during the day. They tended to make rooms too warm in the mornings and not be able to keep rooms warm enough in the evenings. It was very difficult to control the room temperature. The only controls were an input control dial and an output control dial.

This has all changed with the advent of high heat retention storage heaters. HHR storage heaters are highly insulated in order to keep the heat inside the heater until required. To be classed as high heat retention it must be able to retain at least 45% of the heat generated from the overnight charge for 16 hours after the charge has ended.

HHR storage heaters have digital electronic controls, allowing fine control over room temperatures and heating programs. The user is able to program what temperatures each room should be and at what times. If the room is below the desired temperature, a very quiet fan will operate to extract the heat from the storage core. Once the desired room temperature is achieved, the fan will stop and the stored heat will stay in the heater.

The overnight charge control is intelligent and automatic. The heater will use it’s own internal algorithm to look at the room temperature during the charge period, the required heating the next day and the current charge percentage. It will then decide how much charge is needed that evening.

You will always have the right temperature in the room at the right time while also benefitting from using the cheaper overnight electricity rates. There’s also a built in boost element in case extra heat is needed on an immediate basis

Thermastore HHR has open window sensing and adaptive start features for further energy savings.

Some HHR storage heaters are also connected to Apps and smart controls. Thermastore HHR from Electrorad has app control, voice control via Amazon Alexa & Google Home and also geofencing.

HHR storage heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than older type storage heaters and up to 40% cheaper to run than electric heaters or electric radiators.

Installing HHR storage heaters will bring improvements in EPC ( Energy Performance Certificate ) rating when replacing electric heaters, electric radiators or older storage heaters.

To be classed as High Heat Retention, they must be tested to by an approved testing body such as BSRIA to BSEN60531:2000 and approved and accepted by BRE for inclusion on the SAP database.

Beware of some manufacturers of electric radiators calling their products ‘High Heat Retention’ when they are not. All tested and verified HHR products can be found listed on the government database here: