German Electric Heating Systems

There are a number of German manufactured electric heating radiators on the market and all are constructed in a very similar way.

Features that are present on all Manufacturers German Electric Heating radiators

1) Powder coated steel radiator case

2) Electric elements encased within fire clay ( ‘Schamotte’ in German ) heat plates

3) Convection flutes

The Electrorad Aeroflow range is manufactured in Germany and is unique to Electrorad.

The Aeroflow range has some unique features which distinguish it from the competition:

1) The convection flutes are larger than others meaning greater heat convection into the room.

2) The built in room thermostat is ‘electronic digital proportional integral’ which is a technical mouthful but basically is much more accurate than the usual analogue ( knob or dial ) thermostats.

3) The built in control also offers time programming to allow you to pre-set the temperatures you would like in each room and the times you would like the heating on and off.

4) The end panel that houses the thermostat is vented at the top and bottom ensuring the thermostat circuit board is kept cool. This ensures the accuracy and the longevity of the thermostat.

5) The internal thermal switches are auto reset switches which trip if the radiator overheats ( usually caused by covering the radiator with towels or clothing). Some products have fuses rather than switches which means the radiator needs to be completely taken apart and a new fuse fitted. With Aeroflow, the cut out resets after the product cools.

6) The guarantee is 30 years and covers all parts except the thermostat i.e The heating elements, the internal wiring, the fire clay, the thermal switches and the radiator case. The thermostat is guaranteed for 2 years.

All of the German electric radiators on the market will give EXACTLY the same running costs ( no matter what some salesmen may tell you ) so the best way to make a decision which to buy is:

a) Which product has the longest guarantee

b) Which product / company has the best prices

c) Which company has given the best customer service

d) Which company can supply within your time frame
Some myths told by the competition:

Myth 1: Thermostats built into the radiator are inaccurate as they sense the heat from the radiator not the room

Truth: The thermostat sensor is underneath the radiator and senses the room air temperature where the air is coldest and where the radiator is not emitting any heat. This is actually better than sensing higher in the room because heat rises. If you really prefer a separate thermostat we can supply Aeroflow with radio frequency thermostats instead of the standard.

Myth 2: A thicker fire clay heat plate will reduce the running costs.

Truth: The running costs will be the same. A thicker heat plate will take longer to heat up but stay warm for longer. The heat is produced by the element, not the fire clay so any heat in the fire clay just means it is not in the room ( where you want it to be ) Please see our document on running costs for more information. It is the thermal efficiency of the room or building ( insulation levels, glazing type etc ) that determines heat loss and therefore running costs.