How to make the most of your conservatory

Conservatories can make a stunning addition to any home, but when the cooler days descend, many of us are forced to abandon our dream room.

Whilst we all want more usable space and a room that will provide us with all-year-round living, without adequate heating, many of us are failing to make the most of our conservatories. This could put a real dampener on your entertainment and relaxation plans over the colder months and even the cooler days during summer.

Well there is a way to keep your conservatory cosy all year round without having to worry about placing additional pipework or wondering whether your boiler will be able to cope with the extra radiators.

Electrorad provide affordable, modern, electric radiators that will give a rapid and evenly distributed heat throughout your conservatory. The radiators convert all of the electrical energy into heat, making them 100% energy efficient and In turn, you benefit from the exact heat you need and just when you need it due to the precise in-built thermostats, making them perfect for everyday use or for when family and extra guests descend.

The electric radiators come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles too; including low-level and compact models that take up minimal wall and floor space. Electrorad’s Digi-Line electric radiators range even look like traditional gas radiators! They are fuss-free to install, with no disruption to any other heating you may have and no additional plumbing and wiring required

Don’t stay chilly in the winter months. If you are struggling to heat your conservatory or wondering what’s the best heating solution, give us a call on 0113 274 6799. We’d be happy to guide you through the options or you can visit one of our online suppliers like : Electric Radiator Shop or Electric Radiators Online to purchase with free next day delivery.