Many potential customers ask how our Aeroflow range compares with radiators from Fischer Future Heat.

Firstly lets answer the biggest question:

Is there any difference in energy use or running costs?

NO! – Due to the laws of physics relating to thermodynamics and specifically electrical resistance heating, we can categorically state and guarantee that our Aeroflow radiators will use exactly the same energy and cost exactly the same to run as Fischer Future Heat radiators

The government has a standard relating to energy efficiency called ‘SAP’. If we use SAP to calculate running costs and energy use the result is the same for both products. The governments calculations and documentation shows that the running cost and energy use of Aeroflow radiators is the same as the running cost and energy use of Fischer Future Heat radiators.

You can verify this by clicking here to read the government SAP document:  SAP2012  The relevant sections have been highlighted in yellow on page 206 and page 212

You can also read our blog further explaining SAP here: Government SAP & EPC explained

Aeroflow v Fischer Future Heat




Manufactured In Germany
Powder Coated Steel
Galvanised to protect from corrosion
Internal Fireclay ( Schamotte ) heat plates
Radio Frequency Controls
APP control option
Analogue control option Special order on request
Digital Integrated programming / thermostat option
Different RAL colours available other than white We understand that other colours may be available on request
Energy Efficiency rating 100% 100%
Thermostat temperature control accuracy +/- 0.5 deg C +/- 0.5 deg C
Radiator Warranty 30 Years 10 Years
Thermostat / RF controls warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Clear and transparent product price list
Next day delivery available
Can be fitted by any qualified and registered electrician
(but mostly their own installers are insisted upon)
Water Heating Available
Please note: The information about Fischer Future Heat German heaters and other aspects of their services were obtained from their website and to the best of our knowledge is correct at the time of the posting of this blog. (Errors or omissions excepted)