Radio Frequency central touchscreen with Wifi gateway and app control

The TouchE3 touchscreen central control (shown below) is the central heating control for the Digi-Line range. The touchscreen communicates with the built in radio receivers in each radiator and allows you to control every room in the house by radio signals from one location.

Electrorad2007 copy

Electrorad1933-copy-727x1024 (1)

The touchscreen also communicates wirelessly with your home Wifi network and allows you to control your Digi-Line radiators from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The smartphone and tablet app – ‘Clevertouch’ is a free download for android and apple devices.

All rooms

The heating status of each room in the property can be seen at a glance – The current room temperature, the current heating mode and the thermostat set point.

Room program

Any of the rooms can be selected and a new screen will be presented, allowing you to amend temperature settings, programs and heating modes.


The touchscreen even has a built in energy monitor – ‘smart meter’ to help you keep track of your electricity usage and keep your heating costs down. The controller will tell you how much energy each individual radiator has used and also how much the entire system has used over a day, a week,a month and a year.