APP control for Vanguard Radiators

Control your Vanguard radiators from your mobile phone, tablet or PC!

With our WiFi control kit installed you will be able to control the temperature and operating times of every individual radiator in your property from anywhere in the world. You will also be able to see what the current ambient temperatures are in each room and the current status of each connected device.

The WiFi kit includes:

Electric Radiator Wifi switch

The WiFi switch(one needed for each radiator in the system)

The electric radiator flex is connected in to this switch and then the flex is connected to the fused spur or in to a socket.

The WiFi switch has it’s own ambient temperature sensor to regulate the room temperature, so the radiator thermostat is not needed. The switch communicates to the WiFi gateway and ultimately to your phone, tablet or PC.

A boost button gives a one hour override to comfort temperature.

Wifi Gateway.


The WiFi Gateway( one needed per system)

The WiFi gateway plugs in to the back of the internet router with an ethernet cable.

The WiFi switches all communicate to the WiFi gateway which allows access via your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

heating app3





Our free to download app available for Android and iOS devices gives control of room temperatures and programming.

Each current room ambient temperature can be seen.

Heating app2



Every room can have scheduled heating times and room temperature changes.

The current room temperature is shown and also the target temperature as set by the user.