Why Choose Electric Heating?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on electric heating, and you’re probably quite confused by all the information provided by various trustworthy sources (and untrustworthy!) so let me explain the basic principles behind electric heating, and allow you to make an informed choice.  

The first thing to remember is this:

All electric heating is 100% efficient. This makes for a level playing field for all electric radiators, regardless of size/shape/material/filling. No buts, this is set by the laws of physics. All electric heaters have exactly the same efficiency; 1 kilowatt of energy in will give 1 kilowatt of heat. This is important, as it allows comparisons to be made with all forms of electric heating. In convection heating the element heats the air in contact with it by thermal conduction. Hot air is less dense than cool air, so it rises due to it’s buoyancy. It allows more cool air to flow in to take its place and sets up a convection current of hot air that rises from the heater, this heats up the surrounding space, cools and then repeats the cycle.

Other things to consider with electric heating are that these heaters are sometimes filled with oil, which functions as an effective heat reservoir. They are ideally suited for heating a closed space. They operate silently and have a lower risk of ignition hazard in the event that they make unintended contact with furnishings compared to radiant electric heaters. This is a good choice for long periods of time or if left unattended. One of the main benefits is that you get greater control over when heat is produced and when it’s not. This allows you to be specific about exactly when the radiator is producing heat, and more importantly when it is not. The flexibility offered here is ideal as anything unforeseen (such as you not being in the house when you had planned) is easy to ensure that no heating is wasted; which is not possible with storage heaters. It’s also easier to set independent room temperatures using an electric heating system, if different temperatures are required the separate thermostats can work independently of each other.

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