Ensuring Quality & Reliability in Our Wholesale Electric Radiators

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Since 2000, the quality and reliability of our electric radiators have been a priority. As the first UK company to import German electric heating technology, and now with our own range of electric rads, we’ve maintained our commitment to supplying and manufacturing cutting-edge products made to the highest quality standards.

In doing this, we help electrical wholesale companies to succeed and keep their customers satisfied with the best industry brands, known for their quality materials and construction.

Our High-Quality Electric Radiator Range

Each model in our range is crafted from premium materials and is engineered to meet stringent UK and EU standards and regulations. This ensures a long lifespan with minimal need for maintenance, making them a reliable, cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial applications.

From the high-performance extruded aluminium heating elements in our Smartpanel model to the innovative German engineering behind the fireclay heat plates of the Aeroflow, browse our quality product range below.

Digiline Radiators

digiline electric radiators

Vanguard Radiators

vanguard electric radiators

Aeroflow Radiators

aeroflow electric radiators

Smartpanel Radiators


Thermastore Radiators

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Electric Towel Radiators

Towel Rail CHROME LR

How We Ensure Reliable Quality for Our Wholesale Partners

We are committed to quality in every step of the design, manufacturing and sales of our electric radiator range. Here’s how we maintain our high standards in both products and customer service:


Our Product Range

We’ve carefully selected the products in our range, ensuring they represent the highest quality available. Our electric heating experts have the technical expertise to recognise the best products and brands for customer needs.


Continuous Innovation

As a supplier and manufacturer, we are uniquely positioned to take a hands-on approach to research and development. We are continuously updating our products to meet evolving customer demands and expectations, maintaining the quality level you expect.


Meeting Standards and Regulations

By working tirelessly to meet regulatory standards and ensuring ERP Lot20 compliance, we demonstrate our commitment to quality, passing these benefits on to our customers. All of our products meet the highest certification standards for safety and quality control.


Reliable Customer Support

Our customer care team is dedicated to providing helpful technical support and assistance, streamlining the usage of Electrorad-supplied electric radiators. They are on hand by phone or email to ensure every issue is resolved in no time.


Key Features of Our Quality Electric Heating Products:

Our products are distinguished by several key features which help ensure market-leading quality and reliability, combining advanced technology, robust construction and high-quality, long-lasting finishes:

Precise Temperature Control:
Equipped with digital thermostats, our radiators offer precise temperature adjustments and are typically accurate to +/- 0.2-0.5°C, with the Vanguard accurate to +/- 0.1°C. This precision ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Durable Materials:
Built with premium materials such as high-grade aluminium for rapid heat up and durable steel, our electric radiators are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Advanced Controls:
Our radiators come with state-of-the-art controls including programmable timers, optional Wi-Fi connectivity and smart features such as open-window detection and adaptive start. These optimised schedules with remote adjustments contribute to minimising energy use and saving money.

100% Energy-Efficient:
Each Electrorad radiator is designed to maximise heat output while minimising energy consumption, ensuring a reliable source of heat that optimises energy bills.

Protecting You and Your Customers With Warranties

We’re confident that our products offer the best, long-lasting quality on the market but in the case of unavoidable technical issues, we understand that reliability and swift resolution are key.

In these cases, all of our products offer warranties to provide installers and end-users with complete peace of mind:

Market-leading warranty of 30 years with a 2-year guarantee on thermostats.

5-year warranty with a 2-year guarantee on thermostats.

Radiator bodies, coating and element seals are guaranteed for 10 years, with electrical and electronic components guaranteed for 2 years.

2-year warranty.

Thermastore HHR Storage Heater:
10-year warranty with a 2-year guarantee on thermostats.

How Our Commitment to Quality Products Benefits You

Electrorad has been a key player in the manufacturing and supply of electrical heating solutions for over 20 years. This means we recognise just how important it is for electrical wholesalers to stock the best quality, most reliable products, helping our partners to:

Deliver Positive Customer Experiences:
Both electrical installers and end-users have high expectations for simple installation, minimal maintenance and ease of use. Our electric radiators deliver consistent and reliable heating to justify their investment, keeping your customers satisfied.

Protect Brand Reputation:
By consistently delivering a catalogue of reliable products and esteemed brands, we help to enhance your reputation as a wholesaler, ensuring the products you supply meet exacting standards and reflect your commitment to quality.

Enhance Operational Efficiency:
By supplying reliable products, we help to streamline your operations by reducing time and resources spent handling complaints or returns, allowing your business to focus on growth and service.


Customer Reviews for Our Quality Electric Radiators

At Electrorad, we put our customers first and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service to complement our high-quality product range. From technical guidance to efficient issue resolution, our positive customer reviews speak for themselves:


“Excellent communication and advice on product. Very stylish and effective.”


“Competitively priced products from an experienced and very professional company. Having used the radiators for a few months I am very happy with their reliability and efficiency. Being able to operate them via a phone app is a great feature.”


“Quick delivery. Good product. Lightweight and were easy to install. Had the radiators 9 months from December 2020. No issues to date. Economical and just the jobby as they each have a set temperature gauge with timer for your control, which is very practical in both winter and summer months.”


Deliver Excellence for Your Customers With Electrorad

Our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable electric heating products is evident in every unit we produce. From advanced energy-efficient designs and precise temperature controls to durable construction and easy installation features, our products are crafted to ensure both user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

As a wholesaler, partnering with Electrorad means providing your customers with products that exceed their heating requirements. Contact Electrorad today to learn more about our products, schedule a showroom visit or access further resources. Our team is ready to support you – contact us via our self-survey form or call us on 0113 274 6799.