Lead the Electrical Wholesale Market with the Latest Electric Radiators from Electrorad

Electrorad is a leading supplier of electric heating technology and the only UK distributor of brands including Aeroflow, Vanguard, Digiline, Smartpanel and Thermastore. We partner with electrical wholesalers nationwide, supplying the best products available in the electric heating market.

Our specialists have direct input on the research and development of all the products we manufacture and supply, and offer cutting-edge, compliant and 100% energy-efficient solutions to heating homes and commercial spaces. With a commitment to innovation, combined with our technical expertise and customer-first approach, we are the ideal partner for your business.

Our Range of Electric Radiators:

Each model in our range has been hand-picked by our expert team, designed to offer the latest in electric heater technology. With a diverse suite of convenient, user-friendly features, including Wi-Fi connectivity options and adaptive start functionality, our range addresses the unique heating requirements of a variety of environments and end-users.

Browse our range below and contact our helpful team for more information about specific products.

Digiline Radiators

digiline electric radiators

Vanguard Radiators

vanguard electric radiators

Aeroflow Radiators

aeroflow electric radiators

Smartpanel Radiators


Thermastore Radiators

HHR set head on

Electric Towel Radiators

Towel Rail CHROME LR

How We Ensure Reliable, Quality Electric Radiators

At Electrorad, we pride ourselves on setting the benchmark for quality and reliability in the electric heating industry. From the Aeroflow to the Smartpanel by Electrorad, each product has been chosen for its superior quality standards, achieved through quality materials and construction.

We understand that your business relies on providing products that won’t come back with issues. Our electric radiators are designed to deliver lasting warmth with minimal maintenance. This reduces the frequency and costs associated with returns and repairs, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and enhancing your reputation for quality and reliability.

How We Support Regulatory Compliance Needs

Ensuring your products are regulation-compliant is vital to the success of your business and the happiness of your customers. All of our products meet the most stringent UK standards and are regularly updated to align with the latest energy efficiency standards and safety directives, offering you and your customers peace of mind.

From ERP Ecodesign Lot 20 to SAP EPC rules and regulations, we are your partners in meeting these regulations and staying up-to-date with the latest information changes. By ensuring our offerings meet all regulations for you, we give your business a competitive edge and enhance your customer trust.

How We Streamline Your Electric Radiator Inventory

Managing inventory effectively is crucial for electrical wholesalers, enabling you to supply your customers in a timely manner. We understand the challenges of maintaining the right balance of stock to meet customer demands without the risk of overstocking or shortages.

We support our wholesale partners by ensuring a large and reliable supply of electric radiators and heating systems in a variety of models, sizes and configurations. This allows you to confidently order what you need, knowing that our popular items are always available for quick delivery.

How We Build Reliable Wholesaler Partnerships

A reliable supplier who consistently meets your needs for product availability, technical support and competitive pricing is invaluable. We strive to be the leading, trusted supplier for electrical wholesalers of all sizes, ensuring top-notch customer care, timely delivery and large product stocks.

Our customer service extends beyond our wholesale partnerships to support your customers and the end-users of our products. We provide comprehensive technical support, product knowledge and installation guidance for all users of our electric radiators, offering your customers the same outstanding level of reliable customer service.

How We Cater to Your Diverse Customer Needs

Our electric radiator range is designed to suit a diverse range of requirements, accommodating any project or budget. The range includes models in a variety of styles and materials, from the fireclay heat plates of the Aeroflow – the first of its kind imported to the UK – to the ceramic core of our British-made Vanguard line.

As well as varied functional features, our extensive product line includes radiators with different aesthetics, such as wall-mounted/wall-hanging, free-standing radiators and sleek panel radiators, and some are available in a range of RAL finishes. Whether your customers are upgrading their home heating systems or outfitting large commercial spaces, we have the right products to suit their requirements.

How We Lead With Innovative Electric Radiator Technology

Electrorad is at the forefront of electric radiator innovation and is constantly evolving product designs, incorporating the latest technology in efficient heating and user control. Our focus is on blending cutting-edge functionality and contemporary aesthetics, supplying products which meet your customer’s changing needs.

From pioneering Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity to keeping up-to-date with the latest market trends, consumer demands and sustainability directives, you can rest assured our products will be tailored to modern heating demands. This positions you to competitively offer the most innovative and responsive solutions that meet your customers’ evolving needs.

How We Keep You and Your Customers Happy

Manufacturing some of the best electric radiators on the market, our mission is to exceed customer expectations for service and support. The quality of our products, ease of installation and comprehensive warranties, combined with our exceptional after-sales support, will keep operations running smoothly for you and your customers.

We strive to be a one-stop shop, supplying everything your customers need for efficient, reliable heating systems in a range of spaces, and are dedicated to helping you solve any customer issues swiftly and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How We Support With Technical Expertise

Beyond electric radiator suppliers and manufacturers, we are your expert technical partner in electrical heating systems. Our knowledgeable staff are on-hand to provide technical guidance and support, with a detailed understanding of the features and mechanics of our products.

We will ensure you’re familiar with the nuances of our radiators and can confidently address your customers’ questions and concerns. From installation advice and recommended installers to troubleshooting once products are up and running, our team is equipped to assist with all aspects of our electric radiator range. Our website is also full of helpful information including videos, FAQs and technical specifications to streamline and maximise product usage.

Our Customer Feedback

Customer happiness is a priority for us, and regular feedback ensures we continually develop and improve our services. We’re proud to share our excellent Feefo reviews and continue to build strong relationships with leading electrical wholesalers across the UK.


“Excellent communication and advice on product. Very stylish and effective.”


“Helpful people on the end of the phone followed up by prompt delivery of replacement part.”


“Great product. Easy to install. Arrived very quickly. Had a query and customer service called me straight away. Office is now toasty!”

Partner with Electrorad for the Highest-Quality Electric Rads

We are dedicated to ensuring the success of our electrical wholesale partners with the best-quality electric heating solutions. From offering a diverse range of premium German and British-made electric radiators to providing unmatched technical and customer support, we keep thousands of customers, and their customers, happy.

For more information, contact us directly via phone or email, or use our self-survey form online for a tailored heating specification and supply quotation.