Leading Supplier of Innovative, Energy-Efficient Electric Radiators

Electrorad is the UK’s only supplier of the best electric radiator brands, including Aeroflow, Digiline, Vanguard, Smartpanel and Thermastore. We provide the latest in innovative, energy-efficient heating solutions, suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces.

We import, manufacture and supply our products to electrical wholesalers, housing associations, contractors and developers across the UK.

Sectors We Supply:

Electrical Wholesalers



We recognise the unique challenges faced by electrical wholesalers in the UK, including stringent regulatory compliance, the need for innovative products and reliable inventory management as well as the competitiveness within the industry, enhancing the need to source cost-effective products and gain a win-win result.

That’s why we provide the highest-quality electric radiators which feature the latest technology and exceed industry standards for performance. We stock all of our electric radiators in large quantities and ensure reliable, efficient delivery for our wholesale partners. Our expert team provides in-depth product information, installation guidance and ongoing technical support, supporting you in offering unparalleled service and expertise to your customers.

Housing Associations



Housing associations across the UK face the dual challenge of adhering to strict budget constraints while fulfilling regulatory compliance and energy efficiency standards. We address these needs with our suite of electric radiators designed for both cost-efficiency and superior performance.

Built for ease of use and installation, and featuring user-friendly interfaces which ensure all residents can manage their heating comfortably, our products comply with the latest energy-efficiency standards. By partnering with us, you’ll get access to reliable and eco-friendly heating solutions, with a supportive and expert team dedicated to your success and tenant satisfaction.

Our Range of Electric Radiators

Explore our comprehensive range of electric radiators, designed to meet diverse heating needs, projects and budgets across the UK. Including wall-mounted and free-standing options, the smart electric rads in our range are designed to offer diversity in both aesthetics and functional features.

From the ceramic core technology of the Vanguard series to the sleek, modern design of our Smartpanel units, our electric heater range sets the standard for quality and efficiency.

Digiline Radiators

digiline electric radiators

Vanguard Radiators

vanguard electric radiators

Aeroflow Radiators

aeroflow electric radiators

Smartpanel Radiators


Thermastore Radiators

HHR set head on

Electric Towel Radiators

Towel Rail CHROME LR

Why Choose Electric Heating for Residential & Commercial Spaces?

With growing awareness around sustainable energy usage and the ongoing transition to greener energy sources, electric heating systems are increasingly considered for homes and commercial spaces across the nation. In the latest UK census in 2021, 9% of households reported using electric central heating versus 8% reported in 2011.

Electric radiators, in particular, align well with the UK’s energy-efficiency goals due to their compatibility with renewable energy sources and their efficiency at the point of use.


Versatile Benefits for Residential and Commercial Use

Cost & Energy Efficiency:
Electric radiators convert every watt of electrical energy into heat, ensuring minimal energy wastage and maximising heat output. This high level of efficiency can lower energy bills and save money over time compared to traditional heating methods.

Ease of Installation:
Unlike systems that require extensive pipework and disruption, electric radiators are easy to install. The straightforward process reduces installation costs and complexity.

Low Maintenance:
Electric radiators require very little maintenance. There are no boilers to service and no risk of leaks, which contributes to their longevity and reduces the ongoing cost of upkeep.

Environmental Impact:
Electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning they don’t waste energy. When paired with electricity from renewable sources, their environmental impact is significantly reduced, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Ease of Use:
Wall-hanging or free-standing electric radiators are designed with end-user comfort and convenience in mind. Tenant-friendly features like Wi-Fi connectivity, programmable timers and remote controls ensure that users can easily adjust settings to suit their preferences and schedules.

Why Partner With Electrorad?

At Electrorad, we stand for quality, innovation and outstanding customer service. We are the ideal suppliers for a variety of residential and commercial projects because we provide the best international and British-made electric radiators with rapid, reliable delivery.

We’ve sourced and developed a diverse product range of different types of electric heaters, all of which meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and design. Our expert team offers cutting-edge solutions to contemporary electrical heating needs.


Our Promise of Quality and Innovation

A commitment to quality and innovation is at the core of everything we do. As the first UK company to import German electric radiators with fireclay cores, we have hand-picked the best-quality electric heating products from manufacturers around the world and have also manufactured our own lines of market-leading products.

Our Managing Director is directly involved in the research and development of the makes we supply, championing the needs of our customers and pioneering consistent improvement and innovation across all products.


Our Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our five-star Feefo reviews speak for themselves:


“Absolutely excellent customer service explained all different models available. Also after sales service again excellent with help from Julie. Would highly recommend to anyone.”


“Sales were very helpful and gave me advice as to which one I should buy, and it was delivered on time. Very pleased it looks and heats the room beautifully.”


“Good product, excellent sales staff and good after sales response.”


Make the Smart Choice for Your Electric Radiator Supply

Electrorad is the ideal partner for your electric radiator supply. Whether for wholesale supply or residential developments, we offer an impressive range of products designed with the latest technology and the highest standards of energy efficiency. Our electric radiators, including the Aeroflow, Digiline, Vanguard and Smartpanel, ensure that every user experiences maximum comfort, control and efficiency.

Reach out to our expert team to find out more about our supply partnerships – you can give our friendly specialists a call on 0113 274 6799, email us at sales@electrorad.co.uk or fill in our self-survey form. You can also pay us a visit at our Leeds showroom, where you’ll be able to see each product in person.