Take control of your heating from wherever you are

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that things can get better, but when it comes to our best-selling range of Digi-Line electric radiators, we’ve really raised the bar. Not only can you enjoy all the benefits of an efficient and easy-to-control alternative to traditional gas central heating, you can now manage your home heating from anywhere in the world, thanks to Touch E3 – our new control hub with Wi-Fi and App.

Should your plans change, or if there are significant changes in the weather, you can simply adjust your heating remotely. There’s no change in energy provider required, nor any subscription costs. Plus, as well as being able to match your heating to your lifestyle, you may be able to reduce your heating bill too. Now what could be better?

The Touch E3 features a neat and easy-to-use touch screen control unit that may be wall mounted or positioned free standing anywhere in your home. Then, courtesy of our CleverTouch App that is available for both iOS and Android, you can control all heating functions using a smartphone, tablet or even your PC.

Choose from constant and auto programming modes, to reduced night set backs, time override, frost protection and holiday modes – you can even create multiple zones within the home. Touch E3 also incorporates an inbuilt energy monitor that provides data energy usage – putting you well and truly in the driving seat for energy management.

The CleverTouch App enables you to check the heating status of each room at a glance; including the current room temperature, the current heating mode and the thermostat set point. Any room or zone can be simply selected in order to change temperature settings, programs and heating modes.

Our best-selling Digi-Line range of electric radiators comes in similar types and sizes as gas central heating radiators, and has 20 models to choose from. They are the perfect replacement for outdated electric storage heaters or as additional heating option in a conservatory or home extension.

If you’re looking to upgrade your heating system and want a taste of the future, then give us a call on +44 113 274 6799 or visit https://www.electrorad.co.uk It’s time to take control.