Electric radiators offer several advantages over other forms of heating that make them an attractive option for heating your property.

The energy efficiency electric radiators provided, by converting electricity into heat directly, is 100% They don’t rely on things like boilers or pipework, which can result in heat loss. With electric radiators you can achieve complete temperature control and reduce wasted energy within your home!

The built-in controls on electric radiators allow you to heat individual rooms independently. This is especially beneficial in homes or properties where different temperatures are required in different areas. Each radiator can be programmed separately. For even better control you could add an app โ€“ allowing full control of your property whether you are home or at the other side of the world!

Electric radiators are easy to install compared to traditional gas central heating systems. They don’t require extensive plumbing,ย making them a perfect option for both new builds and refurbs. Simply plug or spur them in and they’re ready to use and unlike systems that rely on gas or oil, electric heating systems do not require regular maintenance or the storage of fuel. You won’t need yearly maintenance visits or have to worry about fuel deliveries.

As electric radiators don’t produce flames or combustion gases there is no concerns regarding carbon monoxide leaks and electric radiators come with safety features such as overheating protection and child locks to give an added peace of mind.

It’s important to note that the cost of electricity can vary depending on your location and energy provider, but the use of electric heating systems is a great way to enable you to fully control the cost of your heating, and add to that ability to change your heating as quickly as the weather changes then you really can start to make a difference!