Does your conservatory get left out in the cold?


It’s no secret that a conservatory makes a stunning addition to any home. Often referred to as ‘the best room in the house’, the conservatory reaps the rewards in the summer, collecting all day long sunshine and warmth that stays well into the evening. However, as winter descends, the best room in the house then tends to get left out in the cold.

With a conservatory being one of the more significant investments that you can make, it’s vital to maximise its use 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. Just because summer is long gone, doesn’t mean the same for your conservatory. So, when the sun ceases to shine, why not consider installing electric radiators for all year round use?

From simple, basic electric radiators to high-end models, electric heating means you no longer have to abandon your conservatory in the chilly months. When you add an electric radiator you bring sophisticated warmth to your conservatory. They are 100% energy efficient and controllable, which means they give the exact heat required you need and only when you need it. Electric Radiators also provide rapid and evenly distributed heat, helping to save energy and reducing heating bills – a worry for us all, as the temperatures start to drop. Easy to install with no requirements for extra plumbing or wiring, electric radiators provide an attractive and simple solution.

Our Digi-Line radiators are the perfect choice for conservatories. Not only are they available as 300mm height radiators to fit onto the dwarf walls, they can be installed without having to run piping from the existing boiler fed central heating system. They also cleverly provide an independent heat source for the room that will not affect the running of the main system. Plus, in terms of looks, they are almost identical to traditional gas radiators.

So, why not plan ahead and extend the use of your conservatory all year round? If you’d like more information, give us a call on 0113 274 6799, we’d be happy to talk you through the options.