Electric Radiator Running Costs

Running Costs of Electric Radiators and Electric Heaters All electric heaters produce the same amount of heat for the same amount of electricity used and consequently, there is no difference in their operating costs. This is already supported by established science and a government paper, “The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings” […]

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Good News About Carbon Emissions

Traditionally it has been considered that electric heating has a high carbon impact due to the UK electricity being produced in fossil fuel burning power stations. This has changed and is changing! With the marked increase in wind and solar generation, the carbon content of electricity in the national grid has fallen considerably. This is […]

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Electric Radiator Guarantees

Guarantees – Guaranteed! When it comes to choosing electric radiators, you can be spoilt for choice. With a multitude of makes and models to choose from, it can often be difficult deciding what’s best for your home. And, If you’re wanting to update a system that’s no longer fit for purpose such as night storage […]

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