It would seem that, unfortunately the former double glazing salesmen have moved into our industry.

Please be wary of any company that won’t tell you the prices of products on their website or on the phone.

This usually means that they want to send a salesman to your property to try and convince you that their products are the best thing around and will hit you with extortionate costs and pressure you to sign the contract there and then.

We have heard of one instance of a lady being quoted £3700 for 2 radiators! she asked him to leave and then found us and bought seven radiators for less than the 2 quoted.

They will try to convince you that their products are cheaper to run which is absolutely not true – all electric resistance heating is 100% efficient, no more and no less, that is the laws of physics relating to electrical resistance heating and cannot be changed, so you put 1kw of electricity in and you get 1kw of heat out. Please see our article on running costs for more explanation.

Ask a simple question on the telephone – what is the cost of a 2kw radiator ( ours are £409.50 + VAT for the German Aeroflow range and £357 + VAT for the Digi-Line range ) Every company offers a 2kw radiator and there is no reason why they cannot give you the price ( unless they intend to send a salesman to try and ch you extortionate amounts)