Electrorad vs Fischer Future Heat

In our blog from June 2016 we compared Electrorad Aeroflow radiators with Fischer Future Heat radiators. In this blog we stated that Aeroflow radiators would have exactly the same running cost and energy use as Fischer Future Heat Radiators Fischer Future Heat challenged this statement through a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority We were pleased to have an opportunity to prove that Fischer radiators do not have lower running […]

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Electric Radiator Running Costs

Running Costs of Electric Radiators and Electric Heaters All electric heaters produce the same amount of heat for the same amount of electricity used and consequently, there is no difference in their operating costs. This is already supported by established science and a government paper, “The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings” (SAP 2012), which is published on behalf of the Department of Energy & Climate Change […]

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Energy Performance Certificates – Electric Heating

Energy Performance Certificates ( EPC ) All existing properties when being sold or rented must have an energy efficiency assessment by a government authorised energy assessor. From their assessment they will produce a document called an ‘Energy performance certificate’. Every aspect of the property is assessed in order to reach an overall rating. The assessment is conducted using the government standard, rdSAP. There is no minimum requirement for the rating […]

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