Housing Associations Using Electrorad

A number of housing associations are seeing the benefits of installing Electrorad radiators in replacement of night storage heaters. The radiators are giving the tenants full control over their heating systems for the first time providing much better comfort and energy usage control. Tenants also feel that the radiators have improved the aesthetics of their […]

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Electric Heating Is The Future

Domestic heating accounts for 47% of the U.K.’s total carbon emissions. The current majority of domestic heating is provided by gas fired boiler systems. Gas is a fossil fuel and will always produce carbon emissions, so it is clear that we need to look at alternative fuels. In its recently published 2050 pathways analysis the […]

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Beware of Direct Salesmen

  It would seem that, unfortunately the former double glazing salesmen have moved into our industry. Please be wary of any company that won’t tell you the prices of products on their website or on the phone. This usually means that they want to send a salesman to your property to try and convince you […]

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