Digital Thermostat and Programming System

This is the standard built in control mounted in the radiator end panel.
It has a room air temperature sensor below the radiator sensing the coldest air in the room.

The thermostat is capable of maintaining a room temperature setting within +/- 0.2 deg C.

This control includes a 7 day 24 hour programming system allowing the user to preset the required temperatures and heating timing for the whole week.

Each radiator and each room can be set to different temperatures and times if required.

Radio Frequency Control

The radiators with radio receivers are used with the central radio remote transmitter.

It allows all the radiators to be controlled from a central point by radio control. There is no need for wiring between the controls and the radiators.

The central control is a room thermostat and 24 hour 7 day programming system.

TFS – Central radio thermostat and timing

The central radio transmitter is used to program the thermostat setting and time programming for radiators fitted with the radio frequency remote receiver.

The central controller is a room thermostat and 7 day 24 hour programming system.

 Like a traditional central heating system, the temperature is sensed at a central point, usually the hallway and the radiators respond accordingly.

Tybox 5101 for app control


The Tybox 5101 is a wireless room thermostat which communicates with the RF radiators and the Tydom 1.0 gateway.

This gives complete control over every individual room temperature in the property.

The time programming is completed via the free app available on the Apple istore or Google play.

Individual room temperatures and system programming can all be amended on the app from anywhere in the world.

The app will also display current ambient room temperatures.

Tydom 1.0

Digital news on tablet pc computer screen, 3d render

The Tydom 1.0 connects via ethernet cable in to the internet router to enable control from smartphone or tablet via our free app.

It works in conjunction with the Tybox 5101 room thermostats

From the app you can control individual room temperatures, see each current room temperature and set each room’s individual programming.

Aeroflow with Digital Thermostat

Aeroflow with radio receiver